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Wardrobe Essentials For This Season

Wardrobe Essentials For This Season

As much as we love long puffer jackets, extra layers and faux fur details, it is finally time to say goodbye to them. However, with the weather getting warmer every day, the list of this season’s must haves becomes larger. Check out these bits that we sorted out as fashion must haves from the streets of fashion weeks, favorite fashion bloggers and magazine covers.


Clear details have been on the very top list as street style most worn accessories. Anything from hats to shoes and handbags - if you can see through it, you have to have it in your closet. Just make sure to carry the most instagrammable stuff in your handbag, since everyone is going try and catch a glimpse at what you are carrying.

Source: @lisa.aiken


One thing that is absolutely worth your investment for this season is a pair of white quality trousers. They just make everything easier - fresh vibes are a great start for Spring, neutral color does not require high styling skills and they are acceptable to wear on any occasion.

Source: @songofstyle


Nothing screams ‘Spring’ more than a floral dress. From flowy, knee length designs to tight maxi dresses, everything is acceptable this season. They are such staple pieces themselves, that you no longer need to worry about accessorizing that much. If you are not comfortable to wear them on their own yet, have in mind that they are perfect for layering.

Source: @chrisellelim


If you look closely, pink blazers have already occupied all of the stores’ racks. They are definitely trendy staple pieces, which means that you might pass a couple of people wearing the same thing on the streets. Oversized dusty pink types seem to be the most wanted at the moment, so be quick and try it out yourself.

Source: @ireneisgood


If you are wearing floral dresses, bright colored shirts or trousers, the best tip for this season would be to tone it down with a neutral coat on top. This piece is also worth the investment, since you can wear it over years, no matter the season really. They have definitely been a bit left out in the past years and over shined by leather jackets and trendy rain coats, but we are happy to see them coming back stronger than ever.

Source: @lisa.aiken

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