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8 Unbelievable vegan recipes!

8 Unbelievable vegan recipes!

In the last couple of months, maybe fuelled by somewhat famous documentaries, we've noticed an increasing interest in meat and dairy free diets. Don't get us wrong, we're not suggesting that everyone should commit to a vegan diet, but some dishes are worth the effort.

That said, when some of us think about vegan recipes, well, what mainly comes to our mind is salads. So, the follohttps://www.instagram.com/minimalistbaker/wing is a beautiful compilation of vegan recipes. What is unbelievable is the fact that they don't contain any meat or other dairy products. 

1. Mac&Cheese - without the cheese

You'll be able to find some variations online but we recommend you to try Hannah's and the Minimalist Baker's.

2. Vegan Tacos

Tacos are an all time favourite and these vegan variations are really creative and tasty as well. 

3. Wings 

Guess what their made of? Cauliflower! They sure look like chicken, but they taste vegalicious!

4. Stuffed vegetables

Be it avocados or sweet potatoes both recipes are creative and also gluten free variations of a sandwich. 

5. Creamy smoothies

These smoothies don't contain any milk, yogurt or ice-cream but still have this heavenly creamy texture and amazing flavor. 

6. Dairy-free Cheesecake

They look and taste like cheesecake and contain no cheese. Give a try to some of these recipes if you're looking for amazing dessert options. 

7. Pizza

These pizza variations taste as good as they look. They're the creative solution for an all-traditional dish. 

8. Oh hail Vegan burgers!

Vegan burgers were one of the first vegan products to surface the foodie market. However, there is a huge variety of recipes for any taste.  How many many different recipes have you tried yet?

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