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Spring Break Party Guide: Europe

Spring Break Party Guide: Europe

Sometimes it can be hard to choose your next spring break destinations. You don't want to go to the typical party islands and maybe want to try something different and outside of your comfort zone. Here we have put together the ultimate party guide and what to do on your spring break in these fabulous European cities. 

1- Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, river boats, red light district, bicycles everywhere and of course their legal substances. Amsterdam is home to one of the best nightlifes in the world, with basement clubs and dance music all night you are bound to find somewhere to have fun. We recommend De School which, yes, you guessed, is located in an old school building. It's a club, exhibition space and lecture theatre all in one. It's definitely worth a visit.   

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If you are more of a daytime person, there are plenty of cool grunge bars and pubs all over the city; without forgetting, of course, the Heineken factory which is so much fun even if you are someone that doesn't like Beer, it is really an experience. 

Tip: Stay at the Inntel Hotel  just outside of Amsterdam in Zaandam. Its a lovely area and quirky 

2- Berlin

Berlin is also known for its underground nightlife with crazy clubs and grungy vibe.Its cheap, cool, fun and also very cultural if you want to do all the tourist attractions also. You may have heard of this club before for Berghain is known it be one of the most famous clubs in the world. It used to be a power plant and they have maintained the concrete and steel vibe throughout. Although it can be difficult to get into, its worth a try whilst you're there.

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Like I mentioned before apart from the amazing nightlife, Berlin is filled with history. History that can be very sad, but very interesting and If you are there is definitely worth going, from the Berlin Wall and the concentration camp. Emerge yourself in culture and awesome underground sounds.

3- Milan

Immediately when I think of Italy, I think great food and shopping! Yes! This is for the girl that really wants to enjoy the sun, food and designers. Milan is one of my favourite cities in the world. It's a perfect size city and the nightlife is amazing. A little bit more on the expensive side but definitely worth going. With great clubs like Sio Cafe which plays all sorts of music and have great cocktails, you might want to wear a nice pair of Italian heels and that dress you spent too much money on after Christmas.

In the afternoons emerge yourself in the old Italian catholic architecture whilst having a shisha in front of the Duomo. Later in the evening head on over to the Navigili canals and have a drink whilst they play some great music. You will truly fall in love with Milano. 

4- London

I can't say it enough but London will always have my heart. It's got everything from amazing clubs and pubs to great shows and theatres. Unfortunately it can be one of the most expensive cities on this list, but if you look around a bit online you are definitely bound to find offers on hotels or apartments and there are always discounts for students and young adults at clubs. 

If you want something economic go on over past chinatown around Soho. They have really affordable nightclubs with happy hour sometimes all night.


One of my best Cocktails bars to go to is Be At One located in various parts of the city. They have happy hour everyday and if you download the app, you have an extra hour you can use. It filled with a lively atmosphere and first class cocktails. 

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