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How To Style Your Big Chunky Sweater This Season

How To Style Your Big Chunky Sweater This Season

No matter the season, chunky sweater is always handy to have. It never goes out of trend, is easy to style and most importantly – feels comfy as heck. To make you go and grab your old cozy sweater or just get a new one, we got some inspiration from our favorite fashion bloggers and pointed out some ways to style this piece.

Straight pant look

We are done with skinny jeans, straight pants are coming back! Whatever material, pattern or color you choose – these pants will look bomb with a chunky sweater. Pair this combo with cool sneakers for a more casual vibe, or put on some heels for an effortlessly chick look.

Source: @songofstyle

Midi skirt

Balance between a heavy top and lightweight bottom is the key. Do not go overboard and make your whole outfit chunky, let the sweater stand out on it‘s own. A light material midi skirt will do the trick for you. A little bit of a leg show will look good with any kind of shoes.

Source: @samanthamariaofficial

On it's own

Or... Just go with no pants! If the sweater is long and over sized enough, improvise a little and go pant-less. If you are not comfortable with showing that much of your legs, extend them and cover at the same time with a pair of knee-high boots.

Source: @negin_mirsaheli


Yes, we are still obsessed with culottes. It is a great alternative to a flowy midi skirt if you don‘t own one. Style them depending on the pattern of your sweater and here you go, you have the perfect, fashion week worthy look.

Source: @rutaenroute

Basic jeans

And if you are more of a casual girl, just don‘t think too much and match the sweater with some light washed denim jeans. Either ripped, cropped or slouchy, effortless look is always a good idea.

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