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Best Smoothie Recipes To Keep Yourself Healthy

Best Smoothie Recipes To Keep Yourself Healthy

I think we can all agree that healthy living has been one of the top trends for the past year – and we are not mad about it. Whether you are more keen on spending your free time more active, taking care of your mental health or switching up to healthier food choices – anything that leads to self improvement is worth a pat on the shoulder. So to make it even easier for you to keep up with the lively lifestyle, we picked out some of our favorite easy smoothie recipes that should be on everyone‘s must-try list.

Filling breakfast

To kick off the day right, you must have a healthy and filling breakfast first. Mix up some oats and yogurt, slice up a banana and pour any kind of milk you prefer. We promise you will feel way better about your day‘s goals and there won‘t be no hungry belly to stop you from them.

Source: marshasbakingaddiction.com

Power smoothie

Can you believe that this one is actually known for easing the PMS? All you need is a mixture of bell pepper, carrot, frozen banana, strawberries and cover it up with coconut water. This one is a true helper for all of the ladies out there.

Source: @thisrawsomeveganlife

Sweet tooth

If ever in need of something more sweet without feeling bad about yourself afterwards, try mixing up a little bit of chocolate sauce with mint, lemon juice and a chocolate vanilla chia pudding. That should work on satisfying your sweet tooth for a bit.

Source: @thisrawsomevegalife

Energy kick

To instantly get yourself going, make a smoothie filled with protein and greens. For this one you will need a banana, spinach, ginger, almond butter, your favorite protein powder and a splash of almond milk. Kick start your day with this one.

Source: thehealthymaven.com

Vitamin boost

Keep the doctor away by dropping a red bell pepper, red grapefruit, oranges, water and ice if needed. That is one of the best ways to get more than a recommended value of vitamins in a day fast, so we hope you write this one down.

Source: helloglow.com

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