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Ethical makeup brands you need to know about

Ethical makeup brands you need to know about

Many of you might not know that, but the vast majority of makeup products you are using are made by non-ethical brands. Whether it‘s testing on animals, using ingredients that are not good for you or building the brand itself in the wrong way – a lot of successful companies are doing that. So to keep your makeup drawer a bit more eco-friendly, we recommend trying out these ethical brands that you might haven‘t heard of.


Mostly known for their skincare and shower godies, they also do pretty good makeup. They do their own makeup brushes, products for eyes, face lips – basically everything you need to do a good makeup look. They stand against animal testing very strictly and their first ever campaign against animal testing showed up in 1989. Being one of the most ethical brands in general, they also fight against modern slavery.

Source: @thebodyshop


A brand that probably all of you know, it has been blowing up the past year and we could not be more happy. They stand for natural products only, more than half of their products are vegan and they don‘t test on animals. Also, they are not owned by the company that does so. So go on and make yourself an order.

Source: @milkmakeup


Another brand that has been going viral and making it‘s way to the internet community. Probably all of the major influecers have at least one of Glossier‘s products in their makeup bag. They are passionate about making your face looking natural and glowy, while protesting against animal testing.

Source: glossier.com


Lush is known for their amazing bath bombs and skincare products. But their natural makeup products are also a must to try out. They use only natural products and are here to tell you that. Everything from lipsticks to blushes are totally handmade and good for your skin.

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