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Eat Smart With Folie: Follow these Nine Instagrammers

Eat Smart With Folie: Follow these Nine Instagrammers

Be it through fitness routines, motivational quotes, healthy recipes or clean eating tips these 9 Instagram accounts will help you meet your 2018 health goals. Now, go grab your phone and make sure you check them out.

1. Jeannette Ogden - @shutthekaleup

Make sure follow this health enthusiast during her family adventures for healthy recipes, fitness and traveling inspiration. Her stories and captions bring the healthy lifestyle down to earth blending fun and daily real food while clean eating. 

2. Sarah J. Gim - @thedelicious

If you're an avocado lover you'll love this account! Sarah loves including this tasty ingredient into her beautiful food inspiration and these recipes look beyond delicious. Her motto is "the difference between dating and eating is only one letter" and you could definitely take these appealing dishes on a date. 

3. Jen - @livegreenhealthy

Live green healthy compiles a bunch of healthy recipes. Most of the recipes are plant based and just looking at the pictures will make your veggie cravings start!

4. Katrina & Karena - @toneitup

Tone It Up is a fitness community lead by two awesome trainers and smoothie lovers; Karena & Katrina. In this duo's Instagram account, you'll find workout routines, tasty recipes, motivational quotes and stories that will help you achieve your personal goals!

5.Merna - @ketoeatssydney

A keto diet is created by strict meal plan with low carbs and high fats to put your metabolism in a ketatonic style. Usually it avoids all usual desserts, because most of them contain big amounts of carbohydrates. But, Merna is an expert on comming with all source of healthy variations, so if you're struggling to give up dessert make sure to follow her.  

 d6. Faya Nilsson - @fitnessontoast

Faya is a Swedish blogger that balances between traveling, fashion, yoga and, of course, healthy eating. Join her around the world with her working out routines and food discoveries. 

7. Adeline Waugh - @vibrantandpure

Adeline's account displays this characteristic so-cal colorful vibe that makes you relax and embrace healthy habits with ease. Her colorful recipes combined with beautiful shots are really vibrant and pure! 

8. Ellen Fisher - @ellenfisher

This Hawaiian-based mommy will make you miss the beach and crave for healthy food. Her natural lifestyle is suited for a growing healthy family, plus her all-vegan recipes are super tasty and easy to cook. 

9. Minimalist Baker - @minimalistbaker

 This account compiles simple 30 minutes recipes (10 ingredients or less!) for your daily cooking. Most of them, besides looking amazing, are plant based and gluten free.

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