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Wardrobe Essentials For The Season

Wardrobe Essentials For The Season

Season changes means that there needs to be a wardrobe look through also. Every season requires some specific bits and bops to spice up your style but still look appropriate for the time of the year. We have some trendy must haves written down that should be in every ladies wardrobe this colder season.


Something that never goes out of style, but is needed constantly. We recommend you investing in a classic color and cut piece so that it lasts you a lifetime, but can be easily styled with some statement accessories. Pair it with some thigh-high heels or chunky black boots and you are good to go.

Source: @fashion_jackson


Who said that tights have to be boring? Switch your basic black or nude tights to something more fun and see how many people won‘t be able to keep their eyes off you. Wear them with a more simple dress or skirt and let your legs be the center of attention.

Source: @mesh_lt


It is extremely hard to keep yourself warm but still look stylish at the same time in colder seasons. But the puffer jacket trend saves us all. Choose a longer style to feel even more secure or go with a common lenght. Also, these jackets look amazing in bright colors, so if you are ready to stand out this season, go for it.

Source: @lissyroddyy


There has to be atleast one thing in silver in your closet this season. Whether it‘s a jacket, boots or gloves – something has to shine through. Silver is the main color this season, so don‘t be afraid to wear it confidently.

Source: @notyourstandard


These are not only good looking, but actually warm too, which is a true helper for winter. And these are surprisingly easy to style, so don‘t hesitate and go either for black ones or challenge yourself to wear something more vibrant.

Source: @thaonhile

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