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Jane Birkin, The Actress That Changed Fashion As We Know It

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Much like a fairy actress Jane Birkin came into fashion by the art of magic. Actress Judy Campell was her mother and so, she emerged from the Swinging London of the 1960s. Due to her androgynous features, she never considered herself sexy or appealing until she met one of the most important music influencers of France, Serge Gainsbourg.

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By age 24, she instantly became Gainsbourg's muse and they established a decade-long partnership from which they had a daughter; Charlotte. Her reedy voice with an irresistible accent in their subversive-sexy song "Je t'aime... moi non plus" launched her into the spotlight. 

In the 1970s icons like The Rolling Stones, Twiggy or David Bailey made England the center of a cultural revolution. Jane's big innocent eyes, messy fringe, gapped teeth, long slender legs and irreverent, yet relaxed, attitude immediately captivated the scene.

Although born in England, she portrays the essence of the effortless charming French girl style. Her chic signature pieces include flared jeans, off-the-shoulder crop tops, mini dresses, white or stripped t-shirts and classic ballerina flats.

During over a year she couldn't leave her house without a Portugal basket as her bag. But rumor has it that during a short plane flight in 1983 she met Hermès group chairman, Jean-Louis Dumas. She complained that diaries were never able to hold all of her paper and bags never had enough pockets and he promised he would design her dream bag made for her in his workshops. The coveted Birkin bag was first launched on the market a couple of months later. 

Nowadays, by age 70, she's been an ongoing fashion influencer for over 40 years, yet she remains as humble as day one. Mother of three successful artists, model, recognized singer, actress and humanitarian-rights defender she's a true representer of freedom and girl-boss inspiration for all of us. 

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