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6 Emerging IT Girls To Follow In 2018

6 Emerging IT Girls To Follow In 2018

With the year coming to an end, among wishlist and new goals, we're constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. Here's our list of the 6 emerging IT-Girls and bloggers that we'll keep an eye on next year. 

1. Louise Follain

Stylist and model with a certain French je ne sais quoi. Some magazine have already compared her to the late Jane Birking for her similar bangs, unique vibe and spidery eyelashes. Currently she's also hosting an online store where you can shop her looks and pieces according to your budget. 

2. Amanda Wall

Among other magazines, she's been recently featured in Spain Vogue and launched her beauty products line R+Co. Bold, strong rockstar looks with an editorial approach, she's a girl to follow. We are sure she'll keep us amazed with more surprises this 2018.

3. Veronika Heilbrunner

Veronika started as a model where she stepped up to fashion editor where she later moved to online luxury retailing. Besides being style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany, this Berliner girl, also started her own company with friend and fashion editor, Julia Knolle. Follow her to for more luxury looks and statement pieces.  

4. Argineh Danelian

The new LA-based blogger with a captivating style and charismatic personality. This is not the regular So-Cal girl, with her Iranian and Armenian heritage influence, you'll find her outfits chic but easy to wear in your everyday. 

5. Courtnee Ruthie

If you're looking for stylish but casual fashion ideas that match your budget, then you should definitely check Courtnee's looks. She has a natural, effortless approach to new trends. She makes every piece look classy and elegant. 

6. SimiHaze

Last, but not least, we had to finish with this package: Simi & Haze. When growing up, the Saudi-born Khadra twins, first generated buzz while scouting for their mom's chic boutique. Sama and Haya are also famous for hanging out with Selena Gomez, Gigi, Kendra and other supermodels but their true passion is DJ-ing. In their coveted shared instagram account you'll find a huge variety of looks and glamorous styles. 

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