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 5 hints your boyfriend already told you what he wants for Christmas

5 hints your boyfriend already told you what he wants for Christmas

Christmas shopping is always a challenge; between crowds, sales, managing your budget and long wish-lists everyone gets a little disoriented. Girl shopping, be it for your sister or best friend, usually is lots of fun an easy. Your girls probably already said, weeks ahead, what they wanted for Christmas. 

When it comes to men, finding the perfect gift for your loving boyfriend can get tricky.  Most men are not that open, and especially not about their Christmas wishes. We noticed something you might be missing: they try to hint you towards the right direction. That new X-Box ad he showed so much enthusiasm about the other day? That day at the mall when he actually stopped and stared in front of a sports window? Does it sound familiar?

No? Well, while you try to remember, we have a little list as an inspiration source for you. Check it out before you get ready to shop for your man. 

1. Any hobbies?

If he's a reader you might get him that new bestseller everybody is talking about. Even when he only likes to watch sports, the original jersey of his favorite soccer, football or basketball team is always a good idea. Some stores even let you add his last name on the back for a more personalized present. 

If he's into music, the old-school record player is making a bigger comeback and lots of brands like Iceberg or Miniot are offering various designs at different prices according to your budget. A Sonos One smart speaker could come in handy as well. 

2. Athletes

The same way women like heels, men love sneakers. Be it a one-colored Nike or a colorful Adidas pair, you'll find a huge variety depending on his likes and interests.

You don't have to buy him a new bike or surf table to show your love. We believe love is in the little details, and if you have a short budget, you will love Footnotes by Momentum Jewelry. A little message your man can add to his everyday trainers to think of you and his goals. 

3. Foodies

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach is for real with some of them. If he's a foodie don't hesitate to book in advance a fancy dinner at that exclusive restaurant he's been wanting to go. Or, if you're a really great cooker you can also share with him a special home cooked meal for Christmas. 

For wine connoisseurs, we found this Raen Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast winemakers Dante and Carlo Mondavi. Caffeine lovers will be crazy about the Japanese Hario Coffee Driper that you can complement with a fine bag of local beans of his choice. 

4. Tech-guys

There's something about men and gadgets that girls most of the time don't get. So, if you spared you might get him last iPhone X or a Pixel 2 XL from Google. A twist could be a smartwatch like the Vivoactive 3 from Garmin or the Fitbit Ionic. 

But if you're aiming for something really unique pick the AirBar by Neonode, a little projector that makes it possible for you to interact with your computer screen as if it was a tablet! We also thought that the Parrot 3 drone is the new IT gadget every photographer enthusiast will love. 

5. Stylish men

Finally, if he's into fashion then it might be easier for you. But here are two ideas for your inspiration. Squares are back and checked coats, pants or jackets will be the next thing. Check out Zara's Fall coats. 

Holiday season is a time to stay warm but also to give back. You can get him a nice funny and trendy sweatshirt from The FMLY Store that support Save the Children. 

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